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Ascender A1 8-11mm Right


A1 8-11mm medium Standard Ascender
Product ID: 3303012

Ascender A3 Exp Right Hand


A3 8-11mm Mini Explorer Ascender
Product ID: 3303039

Ascender Ptezl Ascension B17R right hand


The benchmark for handled ascenders has been refined to provide greater comfort; efficiency and ease of use. The ergonomically shaped grip is over molded with rubber for greater friction and the broader surface provides greater comfort wile pulling on the ascender. The grip is wider at the bottom providing better comfort for your hand during use.
Product ID: 3303032

Rope Adjuster (with karabiner)


The upgraded Rope Adjuster is a type 1 fall arrestor which can be used on 12mm polyester rope and 11mm kernmantle rope. This non-openable device is manually operated and locks off onto the rope for work positioning applications or in the event of a fall.
Product ID: 2400059

Rope Grab CD10


This vertical automatic rope grab allows a worker to move up and down freely and can be attached/detached at any point onto the anchorage line. In the event of a fall it will automatically lock onto the rope and stop the fall.
Product ID: 2400044

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