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Compliance with Australian Standards (AS 1891.4 has now replaced AS 2626 and AS 4626)

Inspection of Height Safety Equipment

Safety & Rescue Equipment Pty Ltd (SRE) have been inspecting height safety, confined space and rescue equipment for over a decade. SRE's close association with manufacturers and extensive industry experience make SRE leaders in the inspection of height safety equipment. To improve service, SRE have recently refined Equipment Inspections. Refinement has been targeted at the following areas: Having equipped mobile units, our Service Technicians can visit your site. They are fully qualified to carry out all inspections. If you have any questions, just ask.

download inspection form here

Why inspect equipment?

Harnesses, retractable lanyards and static lines are effective in minimising the risk of working at height. To do this properly they must be in good working order. Therefore this equipment must be used, stored, inspected and cleaned correctly. As height safety equipment can be life saving, current legislation requires this equipment be inspected on a regular basis to ensure its continued efficiency and durability. Following are references from current legislation;

  • Occupational Safety & Health Regulations
    Division 5 Prevention of Falls at Workplaces Regulation 3.51 requires that industrial fall arrest systems and devices provided for use at the workplace must be inspected at regular intervals. Regulation 3.53 requires that each permanently fixed anchorage used with fall arrest equipment must be inspected at intervals not exceeding 6 months.
  • Code of Practice
    Prevention of Falls at Workplaces
  • AS/NZS 1891.4
    Industrial Fall-arrest Systems and Devices - Selection, Use and Maintenance. (AS 1891.4 has now replaced AS 2626 and AS 4626)
To summarise all of the above requirements, the following table provides a schedule for the inspection of height safety equipment:
Device Specific Equipment Inspection Intervals Type of Inspection
Harness Full Body Harness,
Restraint Harness,
Work Positioning Harness,
Waist Belt
6 Months Formal Certified Inspection
Lanyard Fixed Lanyard,
Adjustable Lanyard,
Energy Absorbing Lanyard,
Pole Strap,
6 Months
Fall Arrest Devices
(Type 1, 2 & 3)
Rope Grabs (rope adjusters),
Carrier Sleeves,
Inertia Reels,
Retractable Fall Arrestors,
Recovery Blocks
6 Months
Fall Arrest Devices
(Type 1, 2 & 3)
Rope Grabs (rope adjusters),
Carrier Sleeves,
Inertia Reels,
Retractable Fall Arrestors,
Recovery Blocks
12 Months Formal Certified Service
Miscellaneous Equipment Tripods,
Recovery Frames
6 Months
Permanent Height Safety Systems Fixed Static Lines,
Permanent Anchor Points,
Rigid Rail Systems,
Ladder Safety Systems
6 Months

SRE is able to inspect, clean, service and even proof load equipment.
    Inspection Only Includes:
    • Visual Inspection of item
    • Ratchet Tagging of item after inspection
    • Entering Log Record
    Cleaning Includes:
    • Washing and drying of all synthetic materials
    • Cleaning of all metal components
    Servicing Includes:
    • Full Manufacturers service
    • Ratchet Tagging of item after inspection
    • Entering Log Record

Equipment Inspections

Inspector Training: All SRE Equipment Inspectors have been trained in the Nationally Recognised course 'Inspection and Certification of Basic Fall Arrest Equipment'. This deems all of our inspectors competent in the inspection of basic fall arrest equipment including harnesses, lanyards, fall arrestors etc. Inspectors have been assessed on their assessing equipment conditions, record keeping, storage, cleaning and compatibility of equipment.

SRE inspectors also have extensive training and experience in the use of equipment and relevant standards/legislation covering the use of equipment. This means that SRE inspectors are assessing equipment not only on condition, but also on it's use (ie: is it the right equipment for the job).

  • Nationally recognised Trained
  • Assessed as competent
  • Inspect on condition of use

Inspection Recording: SRE logs and tags all inspected items and provides a copy of the log record. SRE will inform you when your equipment is due for re-inspection. We also keep track of your entire inventory of height safety equipment (so when items are re-inspected, any missing items are reported to you).

Our database includes:

  • Customer Details
  • Equipment Details (type of equipment, manufacturer, site log number, serial number, date of manufacture, withdrawal date, comments)
  • Log Records
  • Reminder Notices (up to 1 month in advance)
  • Electronic Copies of records now available (can be kept electronically rather than hard copy)
  • Data entered in the field (reduces mistakes)

Electronic Log Record

Reminder Notices
Customer Details Equipment Details

Tagging of Equipment: SRE has refined the tagging of equipment. Insecurity of tags was the major problem in the past. This has been overcome with the introduction of SRE's new ratchet tag. The new tag incorporates:
  • Ratchet, locking system
  • Heavy duty flexible rubber
  • Punched dates (not written)
  • Owner Name
  • Serial number of equipment
  • Inspection history (5 years)
  • Quarterly or bi-annual inspections

Ratchet Locking System Front Tag
Tagged equipment

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